American Kennel Club
USA's #1 Registry of Pure-Bred Dogs

The United Kennel Club
USA's #2 Registry of Pure-Bred Dogs

CERF - Canine Eye Registry Foundation


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

DDC Veterinary
Canine DNA testing


Lab Rescues

Looking for an older dog?  

Try Lab Rescue - find someone who needs you as much as you need them.
The Labrador Club Inc. Rescue
Labrador Retriever Rescue Inc.
Brookline Labrador Rescue

Law for Dogs
Have a legal question? Visit Law for Dogs!

The United Labrador Retriever Association

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Renee Willis (Cinnamire Labaradors) has done some beautiful work for us over the years
including photography, advertisement design and web design.


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Thank you to Lenna for our Stormy C Labrador Wave logo.  We love it!



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